iphone notification not working? Read to fix now

 What to Do if your iPhone has a Notification problem?

It’s Really a Very big problem if your phone is not showing notification. Due to this problem you may miss an important message or calls notification and this may lead to a serious problem and you may miss some important task to do.

Today we are going to solve this problem if you have with your all version of iPhone.

Some important Problem with iPhone notification

  • iPhone notification not working
  • iPhone notification not working
  • iPhone message notification not working
  • iPhone notification sounds not working
  • iPhone email notification not working
  • iPhone voicemail notification not working
  • iPhone notification center not working
  • iPhone 7 voicemail notification not working
  • iPhone WhatsApp notification not working

So today we are going to solve all the above problem which are listed above if your problem is not listed above please make a comment so that we will try to update our articles.

The solution for iPhone notification not working

solution 1:  iphone notification not workingFor the IOS devices it’s better to restart the device rather than trying anything so if you are stuck on these problems then at first you must Restart your device to fix the issue. This Happens because there are lots of apps used to run on background and some time these app crashes and problem arise so when you restart your device it stops all apps and on starting your device is refreshed.




iphone notification not workingSolution 2: Every model of iPhone or other devices software needs to update because to fix the bug issues like iPhone camera not working or sometimes iPhone not charging so to solve these issues we have to update so try to update your device if your device is still not fixed.

To update your iPhone follow these instruction Settings > General> Software Update > Download and Install. and then check this will fix your issue  90% because many bugs get fixes with this.




iphone notification not workingsolution 3: Some time do not disturb function used to get on so you have to turn off to that option. This Do not disturb is a feature that turns on your all notifications, ringtones, messages this feature is made for getting not to disturb while in a meeting or other important work. To go to this option go to settings >> Do not disturb its used to lie just below the control center.



What to do if your specific app is not showing a notification?

Some time your all other notifications are working but some specific app is not showing a notification then what to do is go to the settings and then go to the notification.

iphone notification not working

you may see the option like this then choose the app and then check if the notification is turned on or off and then Allow notification if its off.

Did you Fixed your problem Reading above articles if not now try the last solution?

Reset all settings to Default :

Now we have tried all possible problems and still, if it is not fixed then we have to reset all settings to default this will restore all settings like the new iPhone. We have tried this method because there may be some other apps settings which are preventing from showing push notifications for other apps.

To Restore the settings go to general>>reset and then click on reset all settings this will restore to default settings

iphone notification not working

In this way you can fix your iPhone notification problem so did my article has solved your problem if this article has solved your problem please share this article and if not please comment so that we will try to update our article for you.

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